Our Story

Our Story

About Us!

Olympia Crafts Official LLC is a brother and sister business based in Queens, New York. We are an eco-conscious brand inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us. Our motto is “Designed for the Divine” translates to crafting the best possible product for our sacred customers. 

Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and craftsmanship to bring unique offerings to your tranquil space. We design products to add personality to your home through original art created digitally and traditionally. We also offer handcrafted scented candles that include decorative molds to align with the season's passing. Our focus is to create products that minimize harm to the environment by using clean-burning products and eco-conscious shipping packaging. 


Who we are! 

Starting up in 2020 in our family home, we teamed up as siblings to showcase our love for the arts. 

Prior to starting our company, we ventured into dissimilar life paths. The Co-founder, Peter, was born with a gift to draw, with a mind so full of imagination that he had to transfer it into reality with his hands. He continued into the art world and graduated from SVA with honors with a BFA in Computer Arts, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects. He is the one behind the original artwork and label designs for the candles.

The other Co-Founder is Michelle, who wants to impact the world by providing a service while being eco-conscious. She is a recent college graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, receiving honors in her major of Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and certificate in Dispute Resolution. While working in high stress fields, including juvenile detention centers and working as a facilitator for the Alternative to Violence Project an outlet was needed to relax and get creative. She started making candles for family and friends whether it was a birthday celebration or curating scents for personal favors. Continuously receiving satisfactory reviews she wanted to expand her audience to provide these clean burning candles. Finding the perfect balance of being an advocate for justice while having a creative space to provide nontoxic products.

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