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Strawberry Mochi | Top Shelf Collection 🍓

Strawberry Mochi | Top Shelf Collection 🍓

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Strawberry Mochi | Top Shelf Collection | Strawberry Guava, Watermelon, & Garden Mint | Weed Molds | Vegan Hemp Candles  

"The Top Shelf Collection | Strawberry Mochi - Our newest blend, Strawberry Mochi is specifically designed to eliminate smoke odors. Strawberry mochi has top notes of garden mint from the leaf molds with a tropical blast of strawberry guava🍓 & watermelon🍉 as the base. This fruity fusion transports you back to a simpler time to leave your mouth watery even after the sesh🤤"


Each candle is handmade by us in our small kitchen in New York City. Our candles are made of hemp wax that consists of a combination of natural waxes that include soy, coconut, and safe food-grade paraffin. We chose this wax as it provides a clean burn as well as being biodegradable, natural, renewable, vegan, nontoxic, and skin safe. Additionally, the candles include either 100% cotton wicks and cracking wooden wicks which vary depending on the design of the candle. They are combined with scents made of high-quality fragrances oil which is free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and any other potentially hazardous chemicals found in fragrance. The candles come in clear jars to see the designs, topped with a wooden lid, and labels we produce digitally. 

Each candle has a unique and creative mold design placed on top during each of the holidays. Because all of these are handmade, there will be slight imperfections such as: chipped mold edges, discoloration, placement of labels, tiny marks on the jar, placement of molds, etc. 

These only add to the specialty of our hand-crafted candles and do not impact the burn of the candle, only enhance it. We hope this candle finds its way into your beautiful home to embrace you in its beautiful scent. <3

*Proper use of candle: Please continue to trim the wick after each burn to 1/4 of an inch. Do not use more than 4 hours at a time.*
WARNING: Please locate the warning sticker on the bottom of each candle for proper instructions on how to safely uses our candle before each light. It is advised you burn the candle in a well-ventilated area and within eye view at ALL times. Light with safety!



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Customer Reviews

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My favorite candle

I bought this candle and I'm so upset because now I can never buy another candle. It smells amazing, the burn time is incredible, and the wood wick is *chefs kiss*. The next time it's in stock I'm buying a ton because it smells like summer and happiness.

It smells like you could just eat it! 😍

This candle smells phenomenal!! It burns so amazing and just makes the entire room smell like candy!

It was their top seller at the event, thank you guys for saving me one!

Nico A.
A Bit Like Hubbabubba, but Better!

Super sweet and fruity candle — gives me a lot of summery vibes! The cute little leaves added to the mold are such a charming touch too! Honestly hard not to smell this candle and smile! lol